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I put out a bulletin each month to keep you informed of everything going on at the Dance School. Please take the time to read it!  This bulletin will be emailed to you, posted on the website and the bulletin board each month.  Go to www.flagcitydance.biz.  (If you do not have internet access let me know.  I will give you a paper bulletin each month.)   


Parents, if you need to let me know something about your child before class or need me to check shoes, etc., please send a written note in with your child at class time.  If you need to speak with me about your child’s progress, problems, etc., call me and I will schedule an appointment for us to talk. 


It is our policy to call you if your child is absent from class.  If you know your child will not be attending class, call or send a note in advance.  I would appreciate it... 


If you drop your child off, make sure they get completely inside the building before driving away!  Also, I do not like students leaving the building without an adult.  If you are going to pull up and have your child go out to the car, make sure they know to wait until you stop. Also, have them check to see that it is your car before exiting the building.  Please pull up on this side of the street only, so students do not have to cross unaccompanied.  (The pull up option is only for older students – tiny tots or young children will NOT be allowed to exit the building without an adult!)


Students should not arrive or be picked up more than 15 minutes before or after class.  There is a $10.00 charge for students who are left at the Dance School longer than 15 minutes without my prior knowledge and approval.


Chances are, when you arrive for class, the class before you is still in session.  Please be respectful upon entering the dance school.  Use the waiting room to prepare yourself for class.  Keep voices low and don’t use the waiting area as a playground. The class before you will greatly appreciate your consideration. Do not use the desk in the waiting room. I have supplies and materials on it for staff only.


Parents are needed for each class to help with parties, calling, Recital, and extra class activities.  If you would like to be a Class Parent, let Cindy know.  (Write it down please.)


 You should have a copy of the School Policy, which has all the holidays listed. An additional copy is posted on the bulletin board in the waiting room.  The dance school will not be closed any other times unless you are notified otherwise.  We do not close for Teachers Work Days, Fall or Winter breaks from school, Street Parties, or Fair Day.



We will be having our annual Halloween Party on Saturday, October 28th. Additional information will be sent home soon. 


 By now, everyone should have all supplies needed for classes.  Each class is required to have a specific skirt.  Please make sure your child has the correct skirt for class. Remember, all dance shoes are for INSIDE wear only.  Also, Parents please help me and our dance floor out by making it a habit to check tap shoes for loose screws.  Even new shoes sometimes have them and it is easy to fix.  I will always have a screwdriver on hand for you to use.  .  


It’s POTTY TIME!  - Before class PLEASE!  Parents of Tiny Tots take students to the bathroom as I am getting them in the door, hanging up bags and circling up. (That goes for all you Big Kids too!)


Please keep our waiting area clean.  Food and drinks should be finished outside and trash thrown away before entering the building.  NO GUM!  If you make a mess – clean it up!


I have had to rearrange some class times and I am still registering new students.  Please invite your friends, family and neighbors to sign up for class.  If they do, you receive a $25 referral credit.  Those credits add up.  Make sure they mention your name when they register.     


 I’m looking forward to working with all of you. Flag City is fired up and dedicated to making this a GREAT year of Dance!   


Ms. Cindy and Staff  


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