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 * Tuition is not based on the number of classes per month but is a yearly fee for the total classes provided in the school term.

* Tuition is payable to Flag City School of Dance in three (3) installments. (Registration, Nov. 15, & Jan. 15.)

Tuition is payable by cash, check, and credit/debit cards at the dance school or online from our website.

* There is a $25.00 charge on all checks returned by the bank.

* Flag City School of Dance reserves the right to assess a late fee for anyone who arrives or departs 15 minutes before or after class. 

* There is a yearly registration fee for all students.

* There is a Recital Costume Fee due one-half October 15 and the balance February 15.

* No refunds are granted for classes not attended.

*Withdrawals - If you wish to withdraw from the Dance School, a 60-day written (note or e-mail) notice to the Director (verbal withdrawals are not accepted) must be given before withdrawing during the school term. Tuition will continue to be due until the end of the 60-day notice. Simply stopping attendance does not constitute withdrawal from the studio, and the dancer is still considered enrolled, and tuition continues to be due until written 60-day notice is given to the Director from the person(s) responsible for the account payments. If withdrawing after December 1, the total amount of Recital costumes and fees is still due in full.

*There is a 10% tuition discount for families enrolling 2 or more students.




Each student will receive a Supply List for their class.  Here are the basic guidelines.

* A Leotard and Tights are to be worn to every class.

* Boys must wear a T-shirt, dance pants or shorts, and socks.

* A Ballet Skirt or Tutu is required for each girl, in an assigned color and length for their grade level – available at Bobo’s Dance Supply. 

* Hair must be pulled up and should be neatly out of eyes for all classes.  Advanced level Ballet classes must have hair in a tight bun.

* No jewelry.

* Pink Ballet Slippers for girls, Black Ballet Slippers for boys, and Tap Shoes (color determined by class) are required for all dance classes.

* Tan Jazz Shoes are required for all students taking Jazz.

* All dance shoes and supplies are to be brought to every class and be in good condition. Make a habit of checking tap shoes for loose screws, scratched taps, dirt, etc.  Dance shoes are INSIDE shoes only!  Do not wear them to and from class! Keep all dancewear clean and neat, including shoes.

*Loose fitting T-Shirts or sofee style shorts are NOT allowed during class.

*Jazz Pants must be hemmed to the top of the shoe and must NOT drag the ground.


NO chewing gum, food or drinks are to be brought into the Dance School at any time.





Thanksgiving – November 22– November 27, 2021 (classes resume Monday, November 29)

Christmas      – December 20 – January 2, 2022 (classes resume Monday, January 3, 2022)

Spring Break – March 21 – March 26 (classes resume Monday, March 28, 2022)

Recital Day –   May 21, 2022 – at the Grand Opera House


These holidays are not necessarily the same as any school system but do follow Bibb County closely. Please mark them on your calendar.  They are subject to change, but you will receive advance notice if they change. 

If schools are closed due to inclement weather, please call the Dance School one hour prior to scheduled class time to find out if classes are being held.  The Dance School does not close for Teachers Workdays, Fall Break, Winter Break, Federal Holidays, etc.  If ever in doubt, call one hour before class.


A Make-Up Class is held for students who missed a class due to sickness.  These classes will be held about once every two months.  The day and time will be announced, and you must sign up in advance to attend.

Your attendance is especially important to us.  It is our policy to call your home if you are absent from class.  Please call the Dance School one hour before class if you are not going to be in attendance that day.


The school reserves the right to alter class schedules for any reason, either temporarily or permanently, without fault.


The school reserves the right to drop registrant from their registrar for:

a) Excessive lateness and/or absence

b) Disruptive behavior

c) Non-payment of tuition or other charges


Every effort will be made to place each student in the class they will accomplish the most.  This may involve some rescheduling at the beginning of the term.  I will work with your child to make this a good year of fun and learning.


It is the policy of Flag City School of Dance to enroll students in the program for the entire school year (September – May).  This enables the school to:

  • limit class sizes
  • offer different levels of instruction and a format for students to advance from one grade to the next
  • hire highly qualified and dynamic teachers and other staff members.
  • observe a cut-off date for students to join a class so everyone is moving forward in their lessons.
  • order all student costumes and props needed for the annual Recital.


If at any time during the year you have questions, problems, comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding the program, instructors, or your student, please bring them to my attention in the form of a written note, phone call or request for an appointment.  I honestly believe in the program, and I am willing to help resolve any issue that could arise. 

Keeping open lines of communication between Parents and Teachers is just as important as the well-rounded dance education and experience each student receives at Flag City. 



354 Cherry Street • Macon, Georgia 31201 • 478-742-1848
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